All about Snowpool was started in 2005 to allow people with spare spaces in their cars to find others to share the travel with.

Our view is that it's a goodly distance to drive to a ski field, so why not share the costs and meet some new people along the way. Obviously there's the sustainability climate change angle, but if you're motivated purely by keeping costs down, well, that's cool too!

Video - Should explain things!

Please be nice ;) It is up to the people carpooling to organise how and where they are going to meet etc, and how to split petrol.

Our suggestions would be:

  1. Fill up the tank before you leave, and at the end, split the costs evenly (plus a few bucks for tyre wear and oil ;)
  2. Don't be late for the arranged meeting time & place
  3. Bring chocolate to share
  4. Finally, here are some carpooling safety and etiquette tips...


We really really love to hear feedback (positive or negative!), so please send any feedback to :

Most of all.. have fun.. and don't come running to us if your car driver turns out to be a psycho (remember the chocolate).

The idea for this website was from Euan Boyd, Darren Cathcart, and (Patrick Davey)

How can I help?

So glad you asked! Well, you can always download and print the poster

If you're on Facebook then it'd be great, if you do like Snowpool, to like it on Facebook.. just click below

But really the best thing is to tell your friends and post a ride.

Open Source

Snowpool was built using Open Source tools and technologies.


*Snowpool usen't to be super pretty, but with a fresh redesign by Simone Quentin De Manson, we think it's looking pretty groovy!

Social Media

Thanks to Alison Poulter who helped out showing us how this new-fangled Facebook and Twitter thing works ;) Also, for the previous few years we'd had a rectangular logo which facebook chopped the edges off. If you take "snowpool" and chop the ends off, well, you get "nowpoo", which isn't such a catchy name. Anyway, thanks to Alison for showing us how to get around that little roadbump and helping to get the word out.

Coding Thanks

Snowpool used to be built using PHP, but when Malc Locke offered to help rebuild in Ruby on Rails - well, we jumped at the chance. Many many thanks to Malc for the help.

Also, many thanks to Tim Ross who really helped massively in building the iOS app. If you want to see more of his work, checkout the AirPipes app in the App Store.