Carpool to Rainbow

Date Leaving Saturday, July 15
Date Returning Saturday, July 15
Spaces Free 3
Name SamMcEachern
Driven here before yes
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City you are leaving from Stoke. Nelson

Leave 17 Devon Street, Stoke 0645hrs sharp, can pick you up IF you are en route and it is not a drama. 4WD, 6 seater van with ice breaker chains, 13 th season, 51 yr old driver, no endorsements ever. Comfy reclining seat with arm & head rests with a sick bag in every ash tray, all personal gear stored behind rear seat and hard wear externally. Leave field at time of my choosing, usually about 1500hrs. $20.00 return to the top of the mountain. No eating in van, get kitted up away from van, no eating in the van. If you are skiing or boarding without helmet and wrist guards, I am NOT leaving field early to take you to ED for concussion or # wrist’s and legs.

Rainbow Snow Report
Status Open
Road Chains on all vehicles
Road info 2wd vehicles must put their chains on @ Bowater Motor Group Chain Station #3 and no chains - 4wd. Chains must be carried at all times, by all vehicles as road conditions can change quickly during the day. Please be aware that the Valley Fords may be very icy, extra care required. Please use caution, obey all road signage and directions from staff while driving on the mountain road, and take care on the Valley Road while entering and exiting the fords. We have a shuttle service operating from the bottom car park for those of you who don’t have chains or do not wish to drive up mountain road.
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