Carpool to Rainbow

Date Leaving Monday, August 19
Date Returning Monday, August 19
Spaces Free 4
Name SamMcEachern
Driven here before yes
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City you are leaving from Stoke. Nelson

0635 sharp from Devon Street stoke, can pick you up en route if not a drama, skies stored outside , reclining seat with arm rests, experienced alpine driver, slow but safe and comfortable. $20 return, door to field .
Leave field at 1500hrs.

Rainbow Snow Report
Status Open
Road Open
Road info Chains are to be carried as conditions may change throughout the day. The speed limit on our access road is strictly 40km/h. Please note the sign at the bottom car park for final updated chains call. Please take care on the mountain road. Uphill traffic has the right of way, turn your lights on, and stay to the left as there is always two-way traffic.
Snow 95cm — 126cm
Updated 2019-09-21 at 05:39
Reports thanks to Snownz