Carpool to Mt. Hutt

Date Leaving Friday, July 24
Date Returning Friday, July 24
Spaces Free 2
Name Lewis
Driven here before yes
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Telephone Old data not shown
City you are leaving from Christchurch

I’m looking to set off no later than 8ish. I normally put 50 0f bucks of petrol in. so will just split that evenly

Mt Hutt Snow Report
Status Open
Road Open
Road info Please drive with care and observe the 40km/h speed limit. If you are just cruising up, please pull over when safe to do so to allow faster vehicles past. Our road is patrolled throughout the day and observed or reported incidences of dangerous or inconsiderate driving will be reported to the police and may result in pass suspension.
Snow 35cm — 121cm
Updated 2020-08-11 at 09:21
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