Carpool to Mt. Cheeseman

Date Leaving Sunday, July 10
Date Returning Sunday, July 10
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Name karthik Madhavan
Driven here before yes
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Mt Cheeseman Snow Report
Status Open
Road Open
Road info 2WD: Fit at Quarry Corner 4WD: Fit at Quarry Corner If spending the night in the lodge, please make your journey up the hill early rather than later, we advise all travel be completed by 7pm. The views are worth it. Remember when travelling on the access road to observe the 30km speed limit. We ask that you reduce your speed to 10km as you travel through the 2 slip areas - these will be marked by cones and safety fencing. Downhill traffic give-way to uphill and please put your headlights on.   Please obey all signs on the road, they are there for your safety.
Snow 125cm — 225cm
Updated 2022-08-11 at 05:42
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